Log files are generated when using MailWasher to help with problem resolution and debugging.


The log files can be found at Help>>User Files, then going to the Logs folder. Extended logging can be enabled by checking 'Log Protocol' in Help>>Log Protocol


If MailWasher crashes for any reason, when it next starts you will be prompted to tell Firetrust about the problem. If you elect to inform Firetrust of the problem, it will also send the logs at the time of the crash. This helps in the resolution of any problem.



Logs are broken into subfolders by date.


The files are as follows.


MWPapi.log – This contains information relating to the main user interface (MailWasherPro.exe) and information it processes from the engine.

MWPapp_FirstAlert.log – This contains information about FirstAlert

MWPapp_MWPapp.log – This log file is actions and other information from the engine (MailWasherProApp.exe)

MWPapp_<account>.log – Each account in MailWasher has its’ own log file.


If Protocol Logging is enabled, these files may be created.

MWPapp_POP3_<account>.log – Specific POP3 protocol data relating to that account

MWPapp_IMAP_<account>.log – Specific IMAP protocol data relating to that account

MWPapp_SMTP_<account>.log – Specific SMTP protocol data relating to that account


If MailWasher does crash, a file errors.log will also be generated.