Sometimes you just don't want to hear from some people again, spammers or otherwise. Each spam tool in MailWasher has the ability to auto-delete email. (Settings » Spam Tools).


There's four ways to achieve this, the first being the easiest.


1. In each Spam Tool options, you'll see an option to auto-delete. For example, in the Blacklist, go to the Options tab and select 'Auto delete blacklisted emails'. This will automatically delete any email if the sender is on your blacklist. This option also exists for other spam tools such as FirstAlert and Origin of Spam.


2. Being specific about what emails you want auto deleted: You can set up a filter to mark certain emails or subject lines, or content to have a high spam score. When this score is exceeded, and you have turned on auto delete (Settings » Spam Tools » Spam Ratings), the email will be deleted automatically.


3. Being general about what emails you want deleted, ie. all email addresses in the blacklist: Set the Blacklist to have a high spam rating (Settings » Spam Tools » Spam Ratings) and turn on auto delete for this high level.


4. Alternatively, you could create a filter with the action to 'Auto Delete' based on certain criteria. See Using Filters for more information about writing filters.


If you do find you're losing legitimate email, you can always search in the recycle bin and rescue it.