Check Mail

Click Check Mail to instruct MailWasher to check your default email account(s) for new messages. MailWasher then displays the headers of any new messages in the message table. If you have more than one email account you want to check separately, click the down arrow next to the Check Mail button, and select the account you want to check.




Click Stop to stop downloading messages, and click stop again to stop evaluations of email if applicable.



Wash Mail

Click Wash Mail after you have finished checking your email, to action the requests that you have made. Messages you have marked for deletion are deleted from the message server and any other specified actions are implemented.



Mail Program

Click Mail Program to launch your default email client in a separate window, without closing MailWasher. If your email client is already open, the email client window displays. To change these settings, select Settings > General > Washing Mail > Launch after Mail Wash