Sorting your emails in to groups is a handy way to categorize and view related email. For example you could group by your email accounts, or by status (spam, good, or unknown) or combine the two.


Example: Group by columns

Right click on a column and select 'Group by ' and your emails will be sorted by that group. Eg. Group by status and now you have all your emails in spam, neutral and good groups. You can expand and collapse these groups to make everything more readable.

Another way to group emails is to go to Quick Display>> and check 'Show grouping bar'. A grouping bar is shown above the column headers. This lets you group by more than one column and all you need to drag and drop each column in there to group by it.


Another example is you could hide emails you've read by grouping them. First you need to activate the 'read' email column. You do this by right clicking on the column header and selecting 'Read'. The 'Read' column displays and shows which emails you've clicked on and which emails you haven't clicked on. Right click again on the Read column header and Select 'Group by Read'. All your emails will be grouped in to read and unread emails.