Using MailWasher is essentially a three step process.


1. Check Mail

2. Mark unwanted email for delete/training

3. Wash Mail


To begin using MailWasher, here's all you need to do.


When someone sends you an email it is first received by your Internet Service Providers email server. It is held there until you start up your email program, (Outlook, or some other program) which then looks at this server and downloads all your email, spam or not.


What Mailwasher does is to log onto that email server first and download just a small text only portion of each email. This lets you look at each one and see if it is a spam or a real email. You can then choose to delete or keep the email, so when you use your email program to download your email, all the spam has already been deleted.


Normally this is how you would use Mailwasher with your email program,


- Open MailWasher

- Click, Check Mail,

- Mark your email for deletion or keeping,

- Click Wash Mail,

- Then you open, (or Mailwasher Opens) your email program,

- Click Send/Receive in there to check for new mail like normal.


Just leave MailWasher open to collect all your email, and turn off automatic checking in your email program (so it doesn't pick up the email before MailWasher) See turning off automatic checking  to see how to do this. This will ensure MailWasher gets all your email first so you can remove the junk before it gets to your computer.


One of the advantages of MailWasher is it allows you to check all your email at the server before it gets to your computer, letting you remove all unwanted email (spam, newsletters, junk, viruses) so they never get to your computer in the first place.