There are a number of different sources of help in MailWasher Pro. In addition to this help file you can also access tutorials, the online user forum and Firetrust support.


To get started, your main source of information should be the help file. We have designed it to provide all the information you will need to use MailWasher Pro.


Before contacting support, take a look through this help file and the online user forum.


Displaying the help

The quickest way to display the help is to press F1. Most of the settings screens also contain context-sensitive help, which if available will be displayed automatically when you move the mouse over a setting.


Using the user forum

The online user forum is a huge resource which contains a lot of questions and answers from Firetrust staff and thousands of users.

The forum is located at


Contacting Firetrust support

Direct email support is available from the Firetrust support team at



You'll find several tutorials inside this help file.