When you run MailWasher for the first time, the Setup Wizard is displayed which will attempt to import your email account settings and configure MailWasher for first use.


Any email accounts found are displayed for you to select to import.


Select which email account(s) you wish to import by checking the checkbox associated with it and click Next.



The checked/selected email accounts will be imported in to MailWasher. If no email accounts are detected, you will be taken to manually setup your email account.


MailWasher will also recognize contacts lists from your email program and prompt to import them to make up your Friends List.


Click Next


You'll be prompted to select the default email program you use.



The final step asks you to turn off automatic checking in your email program so MailWasher can check the email without conflicts.

See turning off automatic checking  to see how to do this. This must be completed to enable MailWasher to check your messages before they are downloaded by your email program and deleted from the server.