System Requirements

Compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit

Windows XP, Vista and 7

Needs .NET 4 (If you have all your Windows updates you'll be fine)




The user interface is written using the .NET 4 platform and Windows Presentation Foundation

The engine is written in C++



Process Details

The MailWasher runs as MailWasherPro.exe


The user interface handles all the regular settings and controls and passes commands to the the engine which handles all the grunt work, downloading, evaluating the emails and access to the database.



Regular Expression Engine

For the Custom Filters MailWasher uses a PERL compatible regular expression engine called DEELX. If you require technical assistance with regular expressions please feel free to ask in the forum, you can also view the syntax of DEELX here



DataGrid and Other

The DataGrid is Xceed Datagrid for WPF

There is also use of some Chilkat and EmailArchitects components



User Data Files

Under Help >> User Files >> you will find all the user files, settings and log files.

Under Help >> Common Files >> you will find all the language files, some FavIcons and the default user files required if any go missing from the directory above.



User Data Files and their purpose

Files are typically self explanatory, for example RecycleBinSettings.xml is where MailWasher stores the settings for the Recycle Bin.

BayesianKnobs.xml, FirstAlertKnobs.xml and RBLKnobs.xml are generated by the engine currently for debugging purposes.

Regex.txt is generated by the engine and is a base64 encoded file based on any custom filters.


The cache subfolder

MWP.db3 - This is an SQLite database which contains your Friends List, Blacklist, cached results from FirstAlert and DNSBLs, hash tables for deleted and cached emails and other miscellaneous settings.


All of the .dat files are related to the Bayesian data as explained in the Bayesian Technical Information page.


The crypto subfolder

This stores encrypted email data. It's not stored in the database for faster access.

0001 File - Is a Recycled or Cached Message

0002 File - Is extra message information for quick access

0004 File - Is extra information stored on a message when deleted

0010 File - Are messages trained as Spam

0011 File - Are messages trained as Good



Common Files and their purpose

The .dat files are backups MailWasher will copy if the user files of the same name go missing.

DNSBLServerList.xml is a list of DNSBLs available in the drop down menu for quickly adding a preconfigured server

ServerList.xml is a list of various preconfigured settings for different email providers. MailWasher will use these settings by default when manually adding an account.

FavIcons are used in the UI to display by the account name, this folder contains the icons for the most common email provider accounts.