Action buttons

The inbox screen features three action buttons across the top.


1. Check Mail: Loads your email from either one or many of your email accounts. While email is loading, the Check Mail buttons changes to a Stop button which can be used to stop the loading of your email.


2. Wash Mail: Washing of your email/deleting the unwanted messages. While mail is being washed, the Wash Mail button changes to a Stop button to stop the washing of your email.


3. Mail Program: Your email programs' icon will normally be shown here. This allows you to launch your email program after washing mail, unless it is set to launch automatically.



Message Table

The message table shows a list of your email waiting for you at your internet service provider. Clicking on each email will show a preview of the each message in the preview pane below.


Information about each email is shown in columns.

The first column on the left indicates when an email is being evaluated or if you have performed an action on it.

The Classify column lets you interact in three ways to give an email the 'thumbs up' (good) or 'thumbs down' (spam) or no classification. Classifying a few emails to begin with will help MailWasher to learn your preferences and it becomes accurate very quickly.

The Delete column lets you select which emails to mark for delete with a check mark/tick.

The Status column indicates if an email is a Friend, Good, Spam or marked by a filter.

The rest of the columns are information about the email's sender such as who the email is from, the subject, when it was sent etc.

You can drag and drop columns with your mouse to re-order them to suit your preference.

Right clicking on the column headers shows a menu to turn on or off columns, or to group by the column you have right clicked on.

Clicking on one of the column headers sorts by that column. Holding down the shift key and clicking another column sorts secondarily by that column.



Preview Pane

The preview pane shows the body of the email in plain text format. Plain text is used because displaying html (colorful) email can be a security risk.


As well as showing a preview of the body of the email, there is the View Email Info link which takes you to an area to show more information about the email such as information about the sender, the raw source and spam tools evaluation.



This shows general information about the email such as who it is from, what email client was used, the character set, links and attachments. It provides a good quick overview of the email so you can quickly gauge if it is genuine. Clicking the more info link next to the domain will show information about the owner of the domain.



Shows the raw source of the email


Spam Tools

Shows a breakdown of how the spam tools were triggered in evaluating the email.


At the right of the Preview Pane, Previous and Next buttons are used to cycle through each message and below this, is a link to change the evaluation of the email to Mark as spam or Mark as good. Next to this is the link Mark for Bounce to let you send a 'This email address does not exist' message back to the sender. Also, there are buttons Quick Reply for replying to emails from within MailWasher and Quick Forward for forwarding emails from within MailWasher.


The View in HTML button will let you view the email in HTML. By default MailWasher shows all email in plain text, or attempts to parse the HTML as display it as HTML, but by pressing the View in HTML button, you can see the HTML version. If you further click the Show Remote Content checkbox, any external images will be displayed.



Tell a friend

The tell a friend option pops up a window to allow you to send an email about MailWasher Pro to selected people on your friends list. This link can be removed via the View menu.



Quick Display

The quick display menu gives you many options to change the look of MailWasher, from increasing the size of the text, changing colors, themes and the layout.



Search Inbox

Features 'search as you type' technology to help you find emails quickly. You can search by 'From' and 'Subject' and the relevant emails will be displayed as you enter search terms.



Spam Tools Sidebar

The spam tools sidebar has two views.

Lists: Shows compacted Friends list, Blacklist and Filters views. When an email is selected in the message table it will be highlighted in one of these spam tools if listed.

Evaluation: This view shows the spam/good classification score for an email by each of the spam tools. The total classification score is shown at the bottom with a guage to show email evaluated as spam, good or neutral.



Status bar

The status bar is the strip along the bottom and displays the following:

The Check Mail status - how many emails have being checked from how many accounts

The Evaluation status - how many emails have being evaluated. This includes a STOP button to halt the evaluation

A trash bin icon - shows how many emails are marked for delete. This is useful to know if emails out of view are marked for delete

Envelope icon - if emails are hidden, an envelope icon is shown to represent these. Click to show and hide hidden emails.

Mail Check Interval - When MailWasher last checked for email.