General Settings

The General Settings area is separated in to four areas

Application, for settings like the display language and how MailWasher behaves on startup and when it's minimized

Checking Mail, for settings related to when email is checked, what to do when new email arrives and how much of the email to preview.

Notifications, for control over how you are notified of new mail in MailWasher.

Washing Mail, for actions to be determined after washing mail.

Performance, for increasing the performance on slower computers.

Updates, how often MailWasher checks for updates of new versions.




The accounts screen lets you add/remove and import your email accounts



Spam Tools

The spam tools screen gives you access to all the spam tools and the ability to adjust the weighting of each when evaluating your email.

Friends list - List of email addresses you consider legitimate

Blacklist - Lists of email address you receive unwanted email from

Filters - Create your own custom filters to catch spam or mark legitimate email

Origin of spam - Use these external blacklists to catch spam from known spam sources

FirstAlert! - Firetrust's real-time signature based filter for catching known spam

Learning - Train MailWasher to recognize which emails are legitimate and which are spam

Spam Ratings - Assign weighting to each spam tool, so for example the friends list has more influence. You can also select to auto-delete emails based on certain criteria.



Display Options

These settings let you configure how screens are displayed for Inbox, Recycle Bin, Event Log and Alerts.



Recycle Bin

These settings are used to control how long messages are kept in the recycle bin and how they are restored.