Hot keys allow you to use the keyboard to create actions in MailWasher. This can sometimes be faster than using the mouse.


[ARROW DOWN]        Move down one message

[PAGE UP]                Move up one page

[PAGE DOWN]                Move down one page

[ESC]                        Exits preview

[DELETE]                Marks for Delete

[D]                        Marks for Delete

[B]                        Marks for Bounce

[+]                        Adds to Friends List

[-]                        Adds to Blacklist

[ENTER]                Preview

[SPACE]                Preview

[F5]                        Check Mail

[F6]                        Process mail

[C]                        Clear message list

[F7]                        Launch email application

[F8]                        Display Accounts window

[CTRL] + [F6]        View Preview pane

[CTRL] + [F7]        Show/Hide Friends and Filter Sidebar

[CTRL] + [A]        Select all

[CTRL] + [S]        Show Settings window

[CTRL] + [T]        Show/Hide Evaluation Sidebar

[CTRL] + [Shift] + [M] Maximise

[CTRL] + [F]        Quick Forward

[CTRL] + [R]        Quick Reply