MailWasher keeps a copy of each deleted email in the recycle bin so you can search, view and restore email.




To view the Recycle Bin click the Recycle Bin tab or use the keyboard command of [Ctrl] + [R].


By default, deleted emails are shown using todays date. Select the drop down to choose a different period of time and use the search box to narrow down the results.



To set up your options for the Recycle Bin, please see Settings>>Recycle Bin



To restore email, select an email (or multiple emails by clicking and holding down the CTRL key) and press the Restore button.



The restored email will be delivered to your email account for you to download to your email program.




Note: The spam Throttle (Settings>>Checking Mail) has an effect on how much of the original email is restored. If you set the spam throttle to 20 lines, only 20 lines of the original email will be restored. If the spam throttle is set to 200 lines, the first 200 lines of the email will be restored and so on.