There are many benefits to using MailWasher Pro to pre-screen your email before it gets to your computer, below are a few of these.



Save time

MailWasher Pro helps you to manage your email inbox better. By screening out all the junk and removing any other unimportant emails which would otherwise clutter your inbox, its easier to find important messages and get on with your day. MailWasher Pro can quickly preview your email, sort it in to spam and good email, let you cast an eye over it to make sure everything is correct and with one click of the 'Wash Mail' button, all your spam is removed and the good remaining email is downloaded to your computer.



Save money

Deleting spam and unwanted email, or searching for lost emails takes time. MailWasher Pro makes you more efficient by collecting your email and classifying it, then lets you make the final decision before the spam is removed. The result is your inbox only contains your wanted email, not spam, unwanted newsletters and other junk.



Concentrate on your work

You'll find it easier to get on with your work instead of having to deal with spam as a constant annoyance. MailWasher Pro's user interface is transparent and straightforward. All the technical details are handled in the background by the program. What you see is what you get.



Avoid viruses and malicious emails

Because MailWasher Pro only shows a preview of your email in plain text mode, your computer won't catch any viruses by reading your email. Once you've removed the suspect emails, only the good emails are downloaded to your computer.



Never lose an email

MailWasher Pro includes a fully searchable recycle bin, so that in the event you want to retrieve a deleted email you can quickly search for it and restore it back to the inbox.