The General screen is split in to six sections



Language: The drop down box allows you to select the display language and will instantly change once selected.

Font: Lets you change the font the user interface is shown in.

Launch MailWasher when Windows starts: Automatically launches MailWasher when Windows starts. No splash screen is displayed if this option is selected.


 Minimize MailWasher when X clicked: If this is enabled, when you click the close X button at the top right of the Window, MailWasher will either minimize to the System Tray or Task Bar depending on the option selected below this.

 Minimize MailWasher when mail program launched: If the mail program is launched manually or after Washing Mail, MailWasher will minimize if this option is selected.

 Start MailWasher minimized: MailWasher will start minimized when executed.

Restore MailWasher Hotkey: Allows you to customize the shoftcut key to minimize or restore MailWasher. To change the Hotkey, click inside the field and press the desired combination of keys on your keyboard, then press the Save button.



Checking Mail

Check default accounts when MailWasher starts: Select this to automatically check your default accounts when MailWasher starts.  You can add or remove an account from the default group in the general account settings.

Display balloon notification when new mail arrives: A balloon notification in the tray pops up when new mail arrives.

Play sound when new mail arrives: Option to play a sound when new mail arrives.

Periodically check mail every X minutes: Select this option so that MailWasher will periodically check default mail accounts at the timed interval. If you manually check an account that is not in the default group then MailWasher will include this account in the default check so long as it still has messages in the list.

Don't check mail between: Specify the amount of time between automatic checking of your default accounts. Trying to check accounts too often, such as every minute, may result in login failures as not all email servers can cater for constant checking. Note the time is in 24 hour time format [hh mm]

Spam Throttle: Set the number of lines of each email for MailWasher to download.  50 is a good number to get accurate results when Classifying emails as Good or Bad.   If you use FirstAlert a minimum of 80 lines is recommended, 200 is probably best.

Check Throttle: Set the maximum number of accounts MailWasher can check simultaneously.  Setting to ALL will check multiple accounts faster but can be prone to errors if many accounts are on the same email server.




New Mail Notification: Change the icon MailWasher uses to show when there is new mail.

Display balloon notification when new mail arrives: If this is checked, a balloon pops up from the system tray and indicates how many new email messages there are.

Play sound when new mail arrives: If checked, will display the default new mail sound. If you want to play a different sound, click the browse button and choose the new WAV file.

Don't notify me if mail is spam: If checked, MailWasher will not notify you if new mail is spam.

Play sound when error occurs: If an error occurs, the default Windows beep will be heard.



Washing Mail

Minimize MailWasher after Wash Mail: MailWasher will minimize after you press the WASH Mail button.

Email program: Select your email program from the list and MailWasher will use this to open after a wash mail. Alternatively if your email program is not listed you can select 'Use other application' and browse for your email application. A further option to open a webpage to open Hotmail or GMail for example.

Launch after Wash Mail: Your selected email program will be launched, if it not already running after you Wash Mail.

Use default email program icon: By default MailWasher will use the icon from your email program, but if you prefer to use a plain icon, check this option.




MailWasher may run more slowly on older computers with a single core. The performance settings may be tweaked to optimize your experience with MailWasher.




Automatically check for update: If checked, MailWasher will periodically check for a later version. If there is a new version, the latest features will be displayed and you'll be prompted to update your current version.

Download to: The location where the new version will be downloaded to, which will then automatically run and install.