The Accounts screen holds details of your email accounts to be checked in MailWasher.


MailWasher supports both POP3 and IMAP accounts. Your email settings and account type will in most cases be imported in to MailWasher when you set it up, otherwise you will need to ask your email provider for your email settings if you do not know them. Many webmail providers offer access via POP3 or IMAP such as Hotmail (POP3), Yahoo (POP3), GMail (POP3 & IMAP).


The quickest way to set up MailWasher is to click the Auto Detect Account button. A setup wizard will appear and ask you to select which email account settings to import in to MailWasher. Alternatively you can click Add Email Account to set up your email account manually.



General Tab

Account description: Enter a personal description for your account.  The Account description allows you to easily distinguish it from your other accounts. For example "Work", "Home" etc...

Email Address: Enter your email address used for this account e.g.

Include in default mail check: Check this option to include this account in the default mail check.



Incoming Tab:

Server Type: Server type used by your incoming mail server, if you are unsure please consult your email providers documentation, although most accounts are POP3.

Server address: Enter the address of your incoming mail server e.g., if you are unsure please consult your email providers documentation.

Username: Enter your username for this account, if you are unsure please consult your email providers documentation.

Password: Enter your password for this account, if you can't remember your password then using MailWasher might not be as fun as you think.

Remember password: Select this option if you want MailWasher to store your password.

Store cached emails: Check this option to store all checked emails in the database, this allows for quicker searching and reloading of messages MailWasher has already seen. It is recommended that when using MailWasher with an IMAP account this is enabled.  It's pretty awesome on POP accounts too if you tend to download the same messages over and over......and over.

This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Select this option to use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for this account.  Only select this option if your email provider supports SSL.

Use secure authentication: Select this option to use secure authentication (APOP) for this account.

Use RETR instead of TOP: This option will download the entire message instead of the first X lines. Use this option if your ISP does not support TOP (rare).

Enable PIPELINING: Select this option to enable PIPELINING for this account.  PIPELINING allows MailWasher to retrieve emails much faster, although it is not always supported by all email providers. If PIPELINING is not supported by your email provider MailWasher will disable this option for you.



Outgoing Tab:

SMTP server address: Enter the setting for your SMTP server address to enable bouncing and rescuing of email. Most likely this will be imported, but otherwise you will need to consult your ISP's documentation.

Server Port Number: This is usually 25, but may be different for encrypted settings

Please ask your ISP or consult your documentation for any other SMTP settings.