The Spam Tools screen shows settings for each of the spam tools in MailWasher and comprises:



The Friends list is where you can add your friends email addresses so their mail is recognized as a Friend.



The Blacklist gives you an easy way to banish spammers from your inbox, as it is an effective tool against email from mailing lists that you may have unwittingly signed up for (or been submitted to), or from companies who take no notice of your unsubscribe requests.



Filters allow you to define what MailWasher Pro tags as spam, neutral or good email. You can specify certain words or combinations of words that, if they appear in the Subject, Body, From, Too, CC, Received, header, return path, or the entire message, they, will trigger an automatic categorization from MailWasher Pro.


Origin of spam

Origin of Spam is usually known as Real Time Blackhole Lists or RBL's. These public external blacklists keep a record of where spam is sent from. MailWasher accesses these and returns back information about the origin of the email - if it comes from a sender of spam, or not.



FirstAlert! is Firetrust's own external database of actual known spam messages, gleamed from spam reports and honey pots, or spam trap email addresses. When users check their email, it is also checked against FirstAlert! and if a message is matched, it is given a spam score.



Learning or Bayesian Statistics are used by MailWasher to help recognize spam and good email, based on email you train as spam or good. After a short period of training, the learning filter becomes very accurate.


Spam Ratings

Spam ratings are used to determine if an email is spam or good. Each spam tool is given a spam rating (a positive or negative number) and a resulting total spam score is computed to determine if an email is good, neutral or spam. You can select MailWasher to auto delete emails based on their spam rating.


Spam Reporting

Most ISP's, Governments and external blacklists give an opportunity for users to report spam. MailWasher lets you easily report spam to these organizations so they may take action against senders of spam.



Most spam tools have options to hide the email and automatically delete an email if it is matched by that spam tool.