The preview pane is located below the message table, and displays a preview of the content of a selected message. This allows you to view the first few lines of a message, before downloading it.


MailWasher previews messages in plain text, as opposed to HTML. HTML can carry viruses and other scripts that can run when viewed. Although HTML is easier to read and better to look at, it is potentially harmful to view HTML messages if you are unsure of where they have come from.


The tabs at the top of the preview pane shows the current message view settings - Plain Text view or View Email Info, along with Quick reply, Quick Forward, Previous, Next, Mark as good, Mark as spam and Mark for Bounce.


To turn the preview pane on or off, select View > Preview pane.



View Email Info link


This shows general information about the email such as who it is from, what email client was used, the character set, links and attachments. It provides a good quick overview of the email so you can quickly gauge if it is genuine. Clicking the more info link next to the domain will show information about the owner of the domain.



Shows the raw source of the email


Spam Tools

Shows a breakdown of how the spam tools were triggered in evaluating the email.