The Blacklist gives you an easy way to banish spammers from your inbox, as it is an effective tool against email from mailing lists that you may have unwittingly signed up for (or been submitted to), or from companies who take no notice of your unsubscribe requests.


Once an address is marked for your Blacklist, the next time you receive an email from that address, it is automatically marked for deletion.


Note: Other spam tools will still be utilized to determine if an email is spam or good, even if the email address is on the blacklist.



Adding users to the blacklist can be achieved by the following:


1.Right click on the Inbox message table and a menu will appear which will let you add the selected email address to the blacklist.
2.Drag and Drop an email in the inbox on to the blacklist in the sidebar
3.Go to Settings>>Spam Tools>>Blacklist and add an email address manually.
4.Go to Settings>>Spam Tools>>Blacklist and add an email address wildcard. A Wildcard is used to match a range of similar email addresses. You may include the following Wildcards.

 + will match 1 or more unknown characters

 ? will match any one character

 * Will match zero or more unknown characters

   Example: *@hotmail.*




Include expiring unused email addresses so the list doesn't become too large.

Hiding emails in the email grid from those addresses on the blacklist, so these emails are not shown so as to make it easier to read your legitimate email.

Auto delete any emails matched by the blacklist