The Friends list is where you can add your friends email addresses so their mail is recognized as a Friend.


Note: Other spam tools will still be utilized to determine if an email is spam, even if the email address is on the friends list. This is because many legitimate email addresses are used to send spam, so while the email address may be legitimate, the content may not.


Adding users to the Friends List can be achieved by the following:


1.Right click on the Inbox message table and a menu will appear which will let you add the selected email address to the Friends List.
2.Go to Settings>>Spam Tools>>Friends List and add an email address manually.
3.Go to Settings>>Spam Tools>>Friends List and add an email address wildcard. A Wildcard is used to match a range of similar email addresses. You may include the following Wildcards.

 + will match 1 or more unknown characters

 ? will match any one character

 * Will match zero or more unknown characters

   Example: *@hotmail.*


You can also import your contacts lists from various email programs.

Go to Settings>>Spam Tools>>Friends List and click the 'Import' button.




Include expiring unused email addresses so the list doesn't become too large.

Hiding emails in the email grid from those contacts on the friends list, so undetermined and spam emails are easier to spot.